Enforcement of DAA (Digital Advertising Alliance) principles on interest-based advertising over desktop has been in force for a while now.  But mobile enforcement starts September 1st.

If you leverage interest-based advertising, you’ll need to have the following in place for both desktop and mobile environments across all devices:

  • notice, and  
  • consumer preference controls.

For certain situations when you collect or use cross-app, precise location, or personal directory data, you’ll also need mechanisms for:

  • enhanced notice (“clear, meaningful and prominent link”, e.g., Ad Choices), and
  • prior consent.

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Helen Huang

Senior Product Manager, TRUSTe

Helen Huang builds and manages TRUSTe's Ads Compliance and Cookie Consent Manager products. She works regularly with corporate clients to help them understand their privacy obligations and to implement innovative tools to ensure privacy compliance in desktop and mobile environments. Ms. Huang writes and speaks extensively on the topic of ads compliance.

Kris Vann
Senior Product Marketing Manager, TRUSTe

Kris Vann serves as Senior Product Marketing Manager for TRUSTe and is a CIPP-trained lawyer-in-residence. Prior to TRUSTe, she practiced litigation with Dentons and was a senior consultant with Accenture. She earned her J.D. at Northwestern University School of Law and Southern Methodist University. She is a member of the ABA, former program co-chair of the Section on Science and Technology Law, and a frequent speaker on the topics of data privacy, compliance and legal technology.

Mary Westberg

Sr. Compliance Paralegal, SanDisk

Mary Westberg, CIPP/US, CIPT, is a senior compliance specialist in the Corporate & Compliance Legal Department of SanDisk Corporation. Mary was a key drafter of SanDisk’s Incident Response Plan, where she worked cross-functionally across departments. Mary has held responsibility for conducting privacy reviews on pre-release products (hardware and software apps), and marketing and advertising programs with a consumer privacy component. Mary gives frequent trainings regarding running compliant commercial e-mail and text messaging programs, behavioral advertising, privacy by design, supply chain reverse logistics considerations for privacy and data security, and principles of EU-US Safe Harbor. She authors privacy-related policies within SanDisk, including data security and media sanitization for product returns, use of personal information, and SanDisk’s privacy and cookie statements. Mary acts as the chair of the Consumer Privacy Committee within SanDisk, and also serves as a Co-Chair of the San Francisco Bay Area Knowledge Net of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).