Reporting Data Privacy Obligations
to the Board:

A Practical Approach to Ongoing Compliance

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Broadcast Date: February 5, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST



In today’s digital world, companies of all types and sizes need to protect their critical data assets against cyberattacks and data breaches. Privacy obligations such as GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA have required organizations to step up their privacy game to demonstrate compliance with mandatory privacy breach notification, reporting and record-keeping.

Although more and more organizations have implemented basic compliance exercises, many are still at a loss when it comes to managing, monitoring and reporting on their privacy obligations. Unfortunately, DPOs and CPOs are often left with these critical questions:

  • What happens once your basic privacy obligations have been implemented?
  • How can you establish an effective privacy reporting framework?
  • How can you effectively report on your privacy risk and progress to your Board of Directors?

Hitachi Systems Security, a global IT security service provider specialized in strategic cybersecurity and privacy services, along with Nymity, the leading research-based privacy compliance software company will shed light about how to report your data privacy obligations to the Board of Directors. During this webinar, we will address key questions about how organizations can leverage strategic reporting frameworks to understand their inherent risks, determine their target maturity and report effectively on their various data privacy obligations. 


Join our webinar to learn about:

  • 2018 in review – a big year in privacy
  • Implement a Privacy Management Accountability Framework;
  • Report effectively on your privacy posture to executives;
  • Prepare a remediation roadmap and report on that roadmap;
  • Understand the risks associated with your privacy posture;
  • Manage without endless Excel reports;
  • Use Nymity effectively with your consultant and explore the endless possibilities!
Vanessa Henri - LL.B, LL.M, Certified DPO
Director of Legal and Compliance, DPO, Hitachi Systems Security
Amalia Barthel - CIPM, CIPT, CISM, CRISC, PMP
Implementation Lead Advisor – Privacy Management Solutions, Nymity