CCPA: Only 19 Weeks to Comply

How to Minimize your Time to Compliance

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Broadcast Date: August 22, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT


With 19 weeks left until the California Consumer Privacy Act comes into effect on January 1, 2020, the compliance countdown has begun in the USA. The CCPA will bring unprecedented change to the U.S. privacy law landscape with it’s focus on individual rights requests. In addition to the California law, 15 other states have already proposed similar data protection bills.

New consumer rights requests are at the core of the CCPA and most of the pending bills. It is imperative that organizations have an effective process in place to handle these requests. But where to start with compliance initiatives? How do you ensure that you can keep track of all the requests coming in and provide an answer within the mandated time period? How do you ensure your customer service and data teams know which requests have been responded to, and which are pending? Are you waiting for a colleague to get back to you, or for the customer to provide more detail? How do you maximize efficiencies and minimize time to compliance?

This webinar will begin with an update on CCPA, Nevada and other US state-level privacy laws and provide an update on all pending consumer privacy bills. This webinar will address approaches to achieve CCPA compliance and prepare for the other pending laws. Join this webinar to:

  • Stay informed about U.S. state privacy law developments
  • Learn about approaches to compliance case studies
  • Learn how Nymity’s DSR, a policy based solution can help you keep track of each individual request, while providing the legal and operational context for the required response and dramatically reduce the time to fulfill a request
  • Discover Nymity’s Records of Processing Inventory, the simplest data inventory solution in the industry that generates clear ROI for the business
Terry McQuay
President & Founder, CIPP/US/E/C/G, and CIPM, Nymity
Paul Breitbarth
Director, EU Operations and Strategy, LL.M., Nymity
Christina Fratschko
Privacy Legal Researcher, Content Lead, HBA, MLIS, Nymity