TrustArc Third-Party Risk Management: How to Identify, Assess & Act

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*IAPP CPE Credits Are Available

Risks in today's climate are continuing to evolve with respect to third-parties. With so many employees working remotely, we depend day-in and day-out on third-party technologies, data sources and providers. It’s important for every business to ensure that there's automation of a privacy program that is based on a deep understanding of risk, as well as, the management and mitigation plans for the associated risks that are assumed.

Along with regulatory compliance such GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA or Privacy Shield, one of the most important components of a privacy and security risk management program is understanding and managing your third-party risk and compliance. At the same time, you’re struggling to keep up with privacy assessments and security audits about your own data handling practices.

Listen to this webinar to learn how organizations are automating the process of identifying, assessing and acting on internal and third-party privacy risks to create robust and compliant privacy management programs.

This webinar is eligible for 1 CPE credit.

This webinar will review:
  • Third-party risk considerations every organization needs to be aware of;
  • The importance of risk mitigation for inherent and residual risks of business processes, systems and third-parties, and company entities;
  • And how the TrustArc Risk Profile helps fully-automate both company and third-party risk management for organizations.
Webinar Speakers
Edward Hu
Senior Counsel and Data Protection Officer, TrustArc
Nainesh Ramjee
Senior Counsel, TrustArc
Sharon Anolik
President & Founder, Privacy Panacea


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