Data Inventory Hub: The Blueprint for a Great Data Inventory

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Data inventory can entail hundreds to thousands of processes, systems and vendors, which creates a complex and overwhelming task to manage.

TrustArc’s Data Inventory Hub simplifies the process of creating and managing a data inventory, data flow maps, and uses that information to operationalize privacy management while supporting processes across the organization to facilitate collaboration and maintain ongoing compliance.

In this session, you'll learn how to:
  • Create and manage a centralized and detailed data inventory of IT systems, third parties, vendors, and company affiliates relevant to data flows and potential risks across your organization.
  • Automatically generate data flow maps that visually identify where employee and customer data resides and how that data moves through the business ecosystem.
  • Customize privacy compliance KPIs, business process record revalidation, etc.
  • Create on-demand compliance reports, including GDPR Article 30 records of processing activities and CCPA look back requirement documentation.


As the leader in data privacy, TrustArc automates and simplifies the creation of end-to-end privacy management programs for global organizations. TrustArc is the only company to deliver the depth of privacy intelligence, coupled with the complete platform automation, that is essential for the growing number of privacy regulations in an ever-changing digital world. Headquartered in San Francisco, and backed by a global team across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, TrustArc helps customers worldwide demonstrate compliance, minimize risk, and build trust. For additional information, visit www.trustarc.com

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