Nymity Framework: Privacy & Data Protection Update in 7 States

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As privacy and data protection regulations evolve rapidly, organizations operating in multiple jurisdictions face mounting challenges to ensure compliance and safeguard customer data. With state-specific privacy laws coming up in Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, and Oregon, it is essential to understand what their unique data protection regulations will require clearly.

Discover how to stay compliant and safeguard customer data as our panelists decode state-specific privacy laws, share best practices, and discuss data security risk management. Prepare your organization for the future with insights into emerging trends. Our panelists will guide you through the intricacies of these states' specific data privacy laws, clarifying complex legal frameworks and compliance requirements.
Join us in this webinar as our TrustArc experts review the following information:
  • The essential aspects of each state's privacy landscape and the latest updates.
  • Common compliance challenges faced by organizations operating in multiple states and best practices to achieve regulatory adherence.
  • Robust data security and privacy risk management strategies to protect your organization and customers from potential threats.
  • Valuable insights into potential changes to existing regulations and prepare your organization for the evolving landscape.
Webinar Speakers
Meaghan McCluskey
Associate General Counsel, Research, TrustArc
Daniela Sanchez
Privacy Research Lawyer, TrustArc


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