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There’s no question the AI wave is here to stay. Regulators, organizations and consumers are all dealing with the acceleration of AI adoption in different ways.

Regulators are rushing to create and pass standards and laws like the EU AI Act, NIST AI RMP and OECD AI Principles to guide how organizations can and should adopt transparent, accountable AI practices to protect consumer privacy. For consumers, despite acknowledgement around the increasing value of AI, 60% of consumers say they have lost trust in how AI is used by organizations. Leaving organizations in the middle trying to keep up with upcoming regulations, drive AI adoption in their business process and products, and maintain consumer trust.

Introducing two innovative solutions designed to help organizations navigate the shifting AI landscape:
  • TRUSTe Responsible AI Certification - The first AI certification designed for data protection and privacy. Crafted by a team with 10,000+ privacy certifications issued, this framework integrates industry standards and emerging laws for responsible AI governance.
  • NymityAI - Your personalized privacy legal navigator to help you learn the law faster and easier - with confidence.
Join TrustArc and DoubleVerify experts on this webinar to learn how to establish responsible AI governance and instill trust in your partners, consumers, and customers around AI use and privacy data protection.
This webinar reviews:
  • How TRUSTe’s Responsible AI Certification will help you demonstrate accountable AI data governance that is fair, transparent, and secure
  • How to save time and work smarter in understanding regulatory obligations, including AI
  • How to operationalize and deploy AI governance best practices in your organization
Webinar Speakers
Val Ilchenko
General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, TrustArc
Beatrice Botti
VP, Chief Privacy Officer, DoubleVerify
Noël Luke
Chief Assurance Officer, TrustArc
Beth Sipula
Senior Director, Consulting, TrustArc


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