A Practical Guide to
Demonstrating GDPR Compliance


Prioritizing Your Privacy Program to Meet Your GDPR Accountability Obligations

Expectations from regulators have shown that the obligation to demonstrate compliance is more than a one-off inventory or snapshot of your operations at a certain moment in time. Demonstrating compliance requires ongoing awareness and understanding of your personal data processing operations and embedding privacy management throughout your organisation. Our practical guide can help. It will teach you how to prioritise your accountability obligations in two simple steps and take a structured approach to privacy management and compliance.

You do not have to be a privacy expert

Our guide leverages Nymity’s wealth of experience and supports a structured approach to privacy management, ensuring that you:

  • Quickly gain or augment your GDPR compliance expertise
  • Communicate and report effectively on the status of ongoing GDPR compliance
  • Focus on the highest risk areas

Demonstrating compliance is not a tick-box exercise or a one-time gap analysis. Download our guide to learn how to meet your accountability obligations and demonstrate and maintain ongoing compliance.