Demonstrating Compliance

with the GDPR


Following the IAPP Data Protection Intensive, Nymity hosted a free half day workshop that reviewed the concepts and steps presented in the Nymity Demonstrating Compliance Manual, and then broke into groups in order to:

  • Identify the privacy management activities required to report on privacy compliance
  • Review real world examples of how organisations assign ownership of activities in order to embed privacy throughout operations
  • Learn how to engage stakeholders throughout the organisation to communicate expectations, enable and gather evidence of compliance, and report results

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Workshop Presentation:
Demonstrating Compliance with the GDPR Presentation

Workshop Materials:
1. Nymity Demonstrating Compliance Manual
2. Privacy Management Workbook
3. Structured Approach to Privacy Management: Getting Started Manual



Andy Garner
Product Director, Attestor and former
Global Privacy Manager, Nymity, UK