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The CCPA Compliance Toolkit equips privacy officers with the resources necessary to understand, assess, and develop a plan to achieve demonstrable compliance. For multi-jurisdictional companies, the CCPA represents one more law to comply with. This Toolkit will help organizations that have been focusing on GDPR compliance initiatives to leverage that work for their CCPA compliance initiatives.

Resources within the CCPA Compliance Toolkit:


CCPA Accountability Handbook

A comprehensive compliance guide for the CCPA, the handbook provides a brief annotation for each CCPA article, maps compliance obligations to the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ and identifies specific accountability mechanisms and sample evidence. The handbook is also designed to help multi-jurisdictional organizations leverage their GDPR compliance initiatives to support CCPA compliance. It contains the full text of the law for easy reference.


Paper on Demonstrating Accountability and Compliance with the GDPR, the CCPA and a Multitude of Other Laws

This paper contains Nymity’s approach for organizations that want to effectively demonstrate compliance with any number of privacy or data protection laws, with a specific focus on how to leverage GDPR compliance initiatives for CCPA compliance.


Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ – adapted for CCPA

We have mapped the CCPA to the Framework to help streamline your compliance by identifying 9 privacy management activities/technical and organizational measures that, if put in place, may produce appropriate evidence to demonstrate CCPA compliance.


Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ – adapted for GDPR and CCPA

We have mapped both the GDPR and the CCPA to the Framework and have identified 7 privacy management activities/technical and organizational measures that are relevant to both. Organizations can use the Framework to identify GDPR activities that are already part of their privacy program, which can also be leveraged for CCPA compliance.


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