Mastering Article 30 Compliance: Conducting, Maintaining & Reporting on your Data Inventory

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78% of companies need help with conducting a data inventory.
As businesses grapple with the requirements of the GDPR one of the most challenging is the need to create a comprehensive record of all of your data processing activities as required under Article 30 of the GDPR. Recent research from Dimensional Research/TrustArc found that 78% of companies said they needed help with conducting a data inventory. With a project of this scale why re-invent the wheel when you can learn from other privacy professionals who have gone through the process of scoping, communicating, managing and delivering a comprehensive data inventory and mapping project.
Watch this free on-demand webinar to hear from in-house privacy professionals and consultants how to:
  • build a business case for the data inventory
  • involve other departments across the business
  • understand benefits of different methodologies – such as a systems or process-based approach
  • review the tools and technologies available to help for you
  • maintain the inventory over time
Webinar Speakers
Charles Nwasor
Director, Global Assurance & Advisory, Ensono
Paul Iagnocco
Senior Privacy Consultant, TrustArc
Margaret Alston, CIPP/G/C/M
Consulting Program Director, TrustArc
Eleanor Treharne-Jones
VP Sales & Consulting, TrustArc