Profiling, Big Data & Consent Under the GDPR

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Required Changes around Profiling & Consent for GDPR Compliance
Some of the most closely followed areas of the GDPR negotiations concerned profiling and consent. Profiling, as defined in Articles 4 & 22, is one of the new provisions in the Regulation which could have a significant impact on businesses seeking to use targeted marketing and other analytics for business growth. Consent remains a legal basis for processing but it’s been restricted under the GDPR and must be “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.” There is lots of discussion and privacy scare stories around these two areas alone.
Watch this free on-demand webinar where we examined:
  • the details of the profiling and consent requirements in the GDPR to help determine what is and isn’t in scope for profiling
  • where you can and can’t rely on consent
  • what solutions are available and how privacy leaders can work with their business and marketing teams to ensure compliance
Webinar Speakers
Mark Webber
US Managing Partner, Fieldfisher
Helen Huang
Sr. Product Manager, TrustArc